Salty Girls Studio

Salty girls at heart- we are inspired by the sun, sea and salt air. We love creating colorful and unique handcrafted goods in our studio by the sea.

We are passionate about using reclaimed materials including lobster rope, lobster bait bags, driftwood, sea glass, shells...
When we are not creating, you can find us on our local beaches hunting for "treasures".

Beach Treasure

Our original Reclaimed Lobster Rope Wreaths. Handcrafted from 100% reclaimed lobster rope- each one is unique- decorated with pieces of lobster bait bag, driftwood, hand carved buoys or pieces of driftwood. Available in 2 sizes, each one includes a lobster claw band and lobster rope hanger. Unique and colorful, year-round coastal decor!

Reclaimed Lobster Rope Wreaths

Reclaimed Lobster Rope Trees are available in our Maine Love, Lobster Buoy and Beach Designs- all made with 100% reclaimed lobster rope.

Lobster Rope Trees Lobster Rope Trees

Our small, hand carved and painted lobster buoys make fun ornaments and can also be added to any Lobster Rope Wreath.

Buoy Ornaments

We also offer line of beachy handcrafted gemstone and
sterling silver jewelry.

Gemstone Bracelets

As well as, casual, stretch gemstone bracelets- with and without small sterling silver charms.

Gemstone Bracelets
Gemstone Bracelets

Salty Girls Studio is the sister company to Junebug's Beach House and our goods are sold exclusively in our shops and online.

*We are always happy to ship. Please contact us to order or for information.